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Best Cellulite Creams for 2014


Can you really eliminate cellulite with a cream? New
breakthroughs make it possible…here’s how to find a cream that
actually works

For years, companies were releasing cellulite creams that were little more than temporary fixes. These creams used caffeine and moisturizers to slightly reduce the appearance of cellulite, but women were left disappointed when the effects faded after a day or so.

However, cosmetics companies have made big advances in cellulite creams, and there are now options out there that can give you real, lasting results.

Of course, you have to know which ones will actually work, as not all creams use the newest, most effective ingredients. Read on to find out which ones will erase your cellulite…and which ones will just waste your money.

Cellulite clumps up over time into pockets of fat. When these pockets grow large enough they bulge upwards, causing dimpling, loose skin, and the orange peel effect. Researchers have developed new mechanisms that can now re-densify the skin, eliminating fat pockets and diminishing the appearance of cellulite.


The Ingredients That Work

The new cellulite creams, the ones that create lasting effects, all utilize top-of-the-line ingredients. Many years (and millions of dollars) have been spent trying to find an effective cellulite reducer, and scientists are just now finding the right combination of ingredients to bust up fat pockets.

Here are the latest compounds that have finally been proven to work:

  • Seaweed:  Used for centuries in traditional Asian and Mediterranean remedies for cellulite, it uses natural caffeine to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • Intenslim: This amazing new compound has been clinically proven to help you lose up to 1 dress size in under 1 month! It works by increasing the rate at which your body burns stored fat, especially around the waistline.
  • Body Fit: Clinically proven to tighten skin up to 20% with daily application, this powerful ingredient also reduces skin roughness by as much as 43% – smoothing out dimples with each use.
  • Phytosonic: One of the primary causes of “dimpling” is the bunching together of adipocytes (fat-storing cells). Phytosonic helps eliminate this bunching, reducing the dimpling and giving you smoother, firmer skin.
  • Body3 Complex: this compound has  been proven to reduce the color, length and overall appearance of stretch marks by 22%. Overall, this ingredient decreases fat clusters, leading to  younger and firmer looking skin.

Which Products Work Best?

Finally…the big question. Which product should you buy if you want to finally eliminate your cellulite?


We looked at 18 different creams, and  only a few came anywhere close to delivering on their promises. However, we did find a few that visibly reduced cellulite appearance in our test subjects…and kept it off.

The overall winner was a product called “Cellumatrix Body Sculpting Cream.” No other product worked as fast or as effectively as Cellumatrix, and almost all of our testers asked if they could keep their samples! While there were a few others that were also effective, none could match the results of Cellumatrix.

Our complete review of Cellumatrix is below, along with our 2nd and 3rd place winners. If you’re ready to finally put cellulite behind you for good, these products can help.

celulite#1 Top Choice: Cellumatrix Body Sculpting Cream.

Key Benefits:

Best reported results of all Cellulite Cream. Multiple users report that this cream helped them lose a full dress size in the first four weeks and made their skin and figure more tight and toned than any other creams they’ve Tried.

  • Contains  proven ingredients: Cellumatrix is one of the few products that contains all of the ingredients that are proven to work without dangerous side effects: seaweed, intenslim, bodyfit, phytosonic, and body3complex.
  • Priced very affordably for the quality of ingredients: A single bottle of Cellumatrix can last up to 3 months.

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